Sharon Lo

Країна: United States of America

Посада: Product Manager

Організація: Microsoft

Lessons from a Product PM to a Humanity-centered PM

Sharon Lo is a product manager at Microsoft, part of the Ethics & Society for AI team, a multidisciplinary group focused on the ethical impact of emerging technologies. Passionate about the intersection of technology and design, she’s motivated in understanding the sometimes adverse effects of technology on society and how to change that. Previously, she worked on Microsoft’s Cloud team, as well as Google and the United States Department of State.

Speech description:

How is the technology we’re building affecting individuals? How are we affecting the next generation? Technology has become so pervasive in our society that we have to be intentional in what we’re building and how it’s changing ourselves, our interactions, and our experiences. Some lessons in how might we as PM’s more consciously and ethically shape our future through the products we create.

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