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We are closer than you think

Located right in the middle of Europe, Lviv lies on the crossroads of important highways and railroads. The cultural capital of Ukraine can be easily reached from big European cities: Warsaw (391 km), Kyiv (540 km) Minsk (611 km), Budapest (575 km), Bratislava (779 km), Chisinau (623 km), Vilnius (765 km), Berlin (933) and Sofia (1331 km).

Weather in Lviv

For the sixth year in a row, IT Arena will take place at Arena Lviv Stadium, located on the outskirts of the city. The venue can be easily accessed by car, taxi, Uber or public transport.

How to get to Lviv

There are direct flights to Lviv from Kyiv, Istanbul, Munich, Vienna, London, Minsk, Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Milan, Bologna, Rome, Berlin, Vilnius, etc. If booked in advance, it is possible to get a round trip for 100-200$. For travelers on a budget, a good option is to consider flying via Wroclaw, Warsaw, or Krakow (Polish hubs for low-cost airlines).

There is a good bus connection between Lviv and other major cities in Ukraine and abroad. Getting from Kyiv to Lviv would cost around 10$, Warsaw - 15$, Minsk - 22$. If you are traveling from Bulgaria or Romania, it is cheaper to travel via Kyiv (Sofia-Kyiv - 60$, Bucharest-Kyiv - 35$). In contrast, from Moldova, it would be much more convenient and cheaper to travel via Odesa (Chisinau-Odesa - 10$).

Lviv can boast an extensive rail network with all major Ukrainian cities and a number of European capitals. An express train from Kyiv costs 12$, while an overnight one can be usually purchased for 10$. If you are traveling from Poland, a good idea is to take a direct express train from Przemysl (a border town between the two countries) - it takes less than 2 hours and costs just about 6$. It is very convenient to get to Przemysl from any part of Poland when traveling by bus or train. Traveling from Minsk with an overnight train would cost you around 50$.

Visa to Ukraine

Visa to Ukraine

  • Visa Free
  • Indefinite Stay
  • Visa on Arrival
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Where to stay

Lviv has more than 60 hotels of different classes which will satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Here’s a few of them:

Ibis – starting from 40$ for a standard room per night. 

Bank Hotel Lviv – starting from 120$ for a standard room per night.

RAMADA – starting from 55$ for a standard room per night.

Use booking.com to find the best option.

Eating out

Lviv was rated as one of the cheapest travel destinations in 2017 by Business Insider. Indeed, eating out is really affordable in the city. For 5$ you can certainly have a lunch in one of numerous cafes and restaurants, which are conveniently located close to all major tourist attractions.

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