Unexpected Arena: Anticipating the Future

March 21, 2016

This is our third year working on Lviv IT Arena, and this one will go beyond your expectations. As we are focusing on the new features for the participants to enjoy, Lviv IT Cluster prepared a sneak peek into the unexpected innovations of 2016 event.


  • Prepare yourself for a powerful Technology Stream divided into two parts for the devoted tech lovers. You will get a chance to listen to the current trends, and the tendencies to watch in the future. We will also discuss the most solid predictions and ways the IT companies should develop in this dynamic business.
  • We are going global, and you are going with us! This conference is English-only, with a strong emphasis on the international speakers and world-class experts who will guide you through the pitfalls of the IT industry and show you how it’s done by the world players. Whether you own a business, work at a startup, or are a part of a big organization, the global perspective will be there to increase your potentia.



  • The best IT conference in Ukraine: now, CEE? Last year, we got selected as the best event for IT people in the country. This year, we are aiming even for a higher goal. As we are getting more international than ever, we are targeting IT professionals from all over Europe and specifically CEE region whose potential is tremendous. And we are getting even bigger; this year, we are expecting 2,500 participants!
  • Go crazy at tech expo. We will show you some of the coolest new things that are there alongside with the well-known drones and augmented reality tools to get inspired. The tech expo will cover a large area of the IT Arena, so save time to see it all.


  • Think like a startup! And even better, create one. An impressive startup competition will take place where the winners will get a chance to pitch for the global investors. So if you are working on a startup or have a great idea, prepare for the upcoming conference and think how to make your project stand out. As for the Lviv IT Cluster team, we wish you the best of luck!

We have some more interesting news coming up, so keep track of what we publish next. And see you at Lviv IT Arena 2016!