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Multi-media Analytics and Cognitive Computing to Provide Safe Secure Cities
Director of WW Public Safety & Physical Security Solutions
Product Innovation Re-Invented: New rules for innovating in the Age of Digital Revolution with real time data analytics and context aware ecosystems
Director Innovation Lead - Connected products
From Agency Drones to Independent Studio Powerhouse
Creative Director, Co-founder
Anton & Irene
From Agency Drones to Independent Studio Powerhouse
User Experience Director, Co-founder
Anton & Irene
Сreating the DNA of a billion-dollar company
Co-founder and Managing partner
Microservices (TM): Redundancy = Maintainability!
How Twitter Works
Software Engineer
Metrics at Scale@UBER
Senior Software Engineer
Experiences and Creative Process
Software Engineer
How to Beating Silicon Valley
Managing Director
HP Tech Ventures
JavaScript @ Spotify
Software Engineer
Is That the Right Problem? Using User Research to Reframe Products
Senior Design Researcher and Strategist for Global IoT New Businesses
Modern Engineering Practices - Building Blocks for the New Digital Economy
Client Principal
The Long Sad History of MicroServices (TM)
Creating Innovative Culture in Product Teams
Managing Partner
Bright Leadership Ltd.
Essentials of Powerful A/B Testing
Conversion Specialist and Strategy Consultant
Optimizely (ex-eBay)
Patterns in a Containerized World
Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat
Pharo: Programming in an Immersive World
Research Director
How I Sold my Startup to Google
The Historical Importance to Ukraine of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the IT Sector
VR/AR. State and Future
CEO and Founder
Augmented Pixels
OORT Smarthome: The Perfect Solution for Energy Providers
Don’t Ask for Permission, Ask for Forgiveness
Senior User Experience Design Specialist
The Startup, The Enterprise and Offshore Development: Building an Ecosystem to Change the World
Vice President, Client Success
SmartHome Using Low Cost Components
Co-founder, CTO
The Future of Digital Product Design
Executive Director and Founder
UX Awards
Open Source Robotics for Sustainable Development
Build For Yourself to a Breakthrough Idea
Consumer Product Lead
Caviar (by Square)
Acknowledging Boundaries: How to Bring Back Consistency to Your Microservice Architecture
Introduction to Python for Data Science
Software Engineer
How to measure greatness? Net Promoter System - the one metric to rule them all
The Flight from 0 to Million Users - What We Planned vs What We Achieved
CEO & Founder
App in the Air
How Marktplaats Boosted Ad Revenue Using Reinforcement Learning: Solving The Multi-Armed Bandit Problem
BI in the Clouds
Architect & Team Leader
Problem Framing and Characterization
Product Management & Strategy Consultant
Tyner Blain
Secure Development with Android
Software Engineer
Stadtwerke München GmbH
Leap from Outsourcing to Startups
Learnings from Developing a New B2B SaaS Product
Senior Engineering Manager
Oracle US
Behind the Scenes of One Product
Founder of UXPressia; Founder and CEO at UXpresso
How MacKeeper Heard its Customers and Built its Best Product yet
Product Management Lead
ZEO Alliance
How to Create Digital Disruption
Application of Neural Networks in Embedded Systems Applications
Embedded Systems Director
Director, Strategy and Operations
Artificial Life Creation
The Internet of (Less) Useless Things
Is Hardware the New Software? Creating the Hightech Innovations that will Transform our Lives
Co-founder and CEO
BroadBit Batteries
Pannel Investments for Big Companies
Computer Vision for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Customer Project Manager
Luxoft Automotive
Quantum Computing. 10,000x faster
Head of R&D Department
Big Data in Cloud: Seize your Insight Like a Golden Snitch
Teсhnical Evangelist
Microsoft Ukraine
Enterprise out of the Box
Delivery Director
How to build a bridge to Silicon Valley and find the right people
VP Marketing
IoT, AI, ML Mix or How to Deal with New Technologies
Head of R&D Engineering
VP HR and Organisational Development
Good Enough Prototype
User Experience and User Interface Designer
Data Science for Energy Efficiency
Director of Technology
Opower Ukraine
Chairman of the Supervisory Board @ Lviv IT Cluster, CEO & Co-founder
Supervisory Board Member @ Lviv IT Cluster, Chief Global Strategist & CTO
Lviv IT Cluster, ELEKS
Solution Architect @ Epam, Director @ Lviv Code School
Lviv Code School
Honorary Ambassador of Lviv City, CEO Lviv IT Cluster
Lviv IT Cluster

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