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Until IT Arena 2020


The Trends & Opportunities in Autonomous Driving
Lead software architect for Automated Driving
Impact of culture in building a high-growth organization
CEO & Founder
How To Bullsh*t Your Way To Number 1
Lessons from a Product PM to a Humanity-centered PM
Product Manager
What it takes to develop a Vehicle Companion App for Mercedes-Benz Cars
Mobile Team Lead
MBition GmbH
Fireside chat: Challenge to build $100M business with manufacturing in Ukraine: Ajax case
How to lead if you are not the boss
Product Manager and Coach
Computer vision and privacy.
The Paradoxical Nature of Artificial Intelligence as the Key to our Digital Well-Being
VP, Global Experience Design
Mental models to make you better at growing your products
VP of Product
Konsus, Ex-Booking
Doing real-time stream processing in one of the fastest-growing European tech companies
Senior Data Engineer
Uber Freight: Simplifying a $700B Industry through Technology
Senior Manager
Uber Freight (ATG)
How Mindfulness affects Happiness. How happiness affects Productivity
The rise of marketing technologies
Product Owner
Principles of a Good Product
CEO and Co-founder
How to Grow Like Crazy and Still Remain Human
Hacking Humans with A/B Testing
Senior Director of Engineering
Moderation of Startup Competition
Old Pareto had a chart: getting 80% benefits of threat modelling with 20% of effort
Application Security Lead (Europe)

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