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Until IT Arena 2019


Managing Partner at One Way Ventures and Former Managing Director at Techstars
One Way Ventures, TechStars
The Journey to AI
Chief Decision Scientist
Google Cloud
Lessons Learned from Leading Growth Teams @ Google
Growth Product Manager at Google Assistant, ex Youtube
Google Assistant, ex Youtube
How the smartest startup ecosystem helped Taxify become a unicorn?
Managing Products for Maximum Impact: Solving Customer Problems, Experimentation, Structuring Product Team
Staff Product Manager at Tesla, ex-Uber
Tesla, ex-Uber
The magic of Auto DevOps
Most common five mistakes done by startups
Co-founder and СЕО
Co-Founder & Board Member
Strong Engineering Culture. Strong Product Culture
Group Product Manager at Yelp, ex-Ebay
Yelp, ex-Ebay
How design drives future mobility experiences
Senior Designer at BMW & Founder of Designdrives.org
Data-Driven Decisions
Product Manager at Facebook, ex Principal PM at Microsoft
Facebook, ex Principal PM at Microsoft
Technology Big Bang! How businesses create competitive advantage through advanced technologies and innovation.
Digital Transformation for Automotive Industry: Hype or Hope?
Senior Delivery Director & Head of Automotive
Creating Ukraine’s 5G Future Together: from successful kick-off of 4G to even faster economy in the future
Inside the MIND of a Hacker – How a lightbulb almost stopped Christmas ​
Chief Security Scientist, CISSP, CSPO, CSP
President and co-founder at DOU.ua, Founder at Djinni.co
DOU.ua // Djinni.co
Blockchain in real IT (Myths & Reality)
Solution Architect / Architecture Manager at ELEKS
What a product manager needs to know about code quality
Senior Product Manager at OLX Group
OLX Group
Best Practices for Your Site in 2018
Webmaster Outreach Strategist, Google Ireland
Autonomous Drive – From Sensors to Motion
Senior Director, Autonomous Drive Practice at Luxoft Automotive
Tech journalist, product and media strategy consultant
TNKGRL media
Make Your Apps Smarter With the Power of AI
Developer, Microsoft MVP
Microsoft MVP
Digital Transformation Executive and Entrepreneur
Building startup. From idea to the market
Using OWIN, Webhooks, Event Sourcing and the Onion Architecture to decompose a monolith into microservices
Principal Consultant
AVIVA Solutions
Developer Advocate for Samsung R&D UK
Conversational commerce: emerging architectures for smart & useful chatbots
Founder and CTO, Grid Dynamics
Grid Dynamics
Rethinking HCI: Focus on AR/VR
Senior Software Researcher
Still cold calling your leads? Grammarly's cold email strategy which will get you on a meeting
Head of Enterprise Sales
Security for the Future: Work Smart and Stay Safe
Chrome Enterprise Browser Specialist, Google Cloud
Google Cloud
Holograms of the Galaxy Vol 2
Technical Instructor
A Cloud Guru​
4th industrial revolution and chance for UA businesses to re-invent themselves and compete with the established players
Partner, Head of Innovation and Investments, KPMG UK
How to sell your startup in Silicon Valley
Cybersecurity Strategist
Juniper Networks
Changing Behaviour Through Products
Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health and ex-Director at Microsoft Ventures
Clover Health
The future crimes and predestination of cyber security. Thoughts aloud in a whiskey bar.
Director of Corporate Security at ELEKS and President of Cloud Security Alliance Lviv Chapter
Lords Of The Files: Serving user-generated media at a global scale
Engineering Manager at OLX Group
OLX Group
Measuring Product-Market Fit
Product Manager
Reducing technical debt in software architecture
Software Architect
Lords Of The Files: Serving user-generated media at a global scale
Senior Software Engineer at OLX Group
OLX Group
Start-ups at Village by CA: 3 elements of success
Head of International Network for Le Village by CA
Le Village
SRE, DevOps, Google, and you
Production engineer at SoundCloud
The art of architecture assessment
Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, Solutions Architect
Value propositions of the world companies - what`s yours?
Product Management Office Leader
Engaging Users and Stakeholders in Design Process
Head of Product Design Office, Acting Experience Designer
Software Engineers in Test: who we are and what we do
Test Automation Expert
Engaging Users and Stakeholders in Design Process
Lead Experience Designer
How IT can use Ukrainian Public Broadcaster. We are ready to support IT-sphere
The world of the future - how to prepare yourself
QC Competence Manager
How To Make Things Connected: Creating an Industrial IoT-platform
IoT R&D Lead
1-on-1's: a single most important manager's tool
Director, Engineering PMO Head
GlobalLogic Ukraine
Expand your horizons in business analysis
Director of Business Analysis Office
Startup Estonia in Lviv: How to become a part of the Unicorn producing Estonian Startup Ecosystem?
Startup Visa Project Manager at Startup Estonia
Startup Estonia
Business Value Ranking model for stakeholders alignment (Align value and stakeholders with simple math)
PMO Competence Manager
Marketing and Communications in Startup Estonia & Head Organizer of Techstars Startup Week Tallinn 2018
Startup Estonia
The nature of community: find your tribe and conquer the hearts of your customers
UTEW meetup is dedicated to impact of the community in the business world. On the examples of Product Tank and UTEW we will talk about: - What is actually a community? Is it a group of fans or a tribe of soul mates? - How can it help to your business growth? - How to build the right community? Is it a group of fans or a tribe of soul mates? - What are the 5 stages of its development? - How to build the right community?
How to turn risks to selling points
Delivery Director at Sigma Software
Sigma Software
Self-Organizing Maps Application to Mesh Reconstruction
Software Engineer at AMC Bridge LLC.
AMC Bridge LLC.
Goose - the first Ukrainian Internet mem that became alive. Realtime animation and AR/VR ready content as new promotion instruments
Head of VR/AR Department
Skywell Software
Goose - the first Ukrainian Internet mem that became alive. Realtime animation and AR/VR ready content as new promotion instruments.
Head of R&D in VR/AR Department
Skywell Software
Machine Learning and Data Science at Telecom
Chief Information Officer
Can be more for 1st october
Executive Director of the new Center for Enterprise Innovation
$10M valuation and beyond: tricks to prove growth stage investors you can make your startup a unicorn
GR Capital
Design Thinking and Architecture Design Methodologies - How They Work Together
Director, Big Data & Analytics
How we created a VR game Mr Mercedes by St King for Comic Con in San Diego.
Chief Creator of Opportunities
How we created a VR game Mr Mercedes by St King for Comic Con in San Diego
Creative Director & Founder
Quality Management.The role of Communication for teams and projects.
QA Engineer at CoreValue
What do programmers want, what do programmers need?
ADD a simple way to build your architecture
Senior Solutions Architect of Enterprise Technology Vertical
Angular done Smart, not Hard
Engineering Team Lead
Reactive programming with Angular and Ngrx
Senior Software Engineer
MVRPD Architecture for Games with Unity3D
Senior Software Engineer
Programming Languages and Major IT Technologies: Introduction for Non-Technical People
Director of Software Development Office (SDO)
Sharing PM experience: How to solve conflicts not to
Project Manager
Working Tips on How to Become a New Productive Version of Yourself
Project Manager
My 5 destroying mistakes in startups
Product Design: Developing Service Applications або Tools of Service Design?
Co-founder, service designe
CX Design/ KMBS faculty
Blockchain & the Future of Crypto Tokens brought by Perfectial
CTO and CO-founder
Micro Frontends in Practice
Staff Engineer
The latest trends in Blockchain: Panel discussion / Build Your Career as Blockchain Developer: pros and cons
Marketing Expert
The latest trends in Blockchain: Panel discussion / Build Your Career as Blockchain Developer: pros and cons
Think beyond borders: why startups from all over the world set up in Estonia
Driving the Auto Industry Forward - Key trends in Automotive Tech
Senior Director of Delivery Services
Luxoft Automotive

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