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IT Arena Introduces New Live Talk Format

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, IT Arena has decided to host industry leaders for biweekly live-stream talks on how Ukraine’s tech industry is standing right now, why international founders continue to run their businesses in the country, and what will the future of tech look like in Ukraine and beyond. The talks are free of charge and require no prior registration. However, not to miss future announcements, we advise you to sign up for our newsletter and get a notification before the next online talk.

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Event block
19:00 - 20:00 Thusday, April 28
Speaker: Andy Kurtzig
Company: CEO, JustAnswer
Speaker: Mike Butcher
Company: Editor-at-Large, TechCrunch
Speaker: John Sung Kim
Company: CEO, JetBridge
Speaker: Andrew Brown
Company: CEO, EduNav


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