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IT Arena Introduces New Live Talk Format

April 28, 2022 marked the special edition of IT Arena to look forward to the future of Ukraine’s tech industry and focus on how and why international companies continue running their businesses amidst the Russian invasion. The event moved to the format of the regular talks to discuss the tech industry and beyond. Aiming to draw attention to Ukraine, the IT Arena streams urge to continue running a business in the country and invest in its tech industry, which is now essential to support the economy.

Oobah Butler
Filmmaker, bestselling author, Catfish UK co-host
Chris Stokel-Walker
Journalist and author
Dima Maleev
Ukrainian Podcaster and YouTuber
Marta Vasyuta
Ukrainian TikToker


Andy Kurtzig

CEO, JustAnswer

Andrew Brown

CEO, EduNav

John Sung Kim

CEO, JetBridge

Mike Butcher

Editor-at-Large, TechCrunch

International Founders Continue to Run Business in Ukraine: Why and How?

In the first regular talks episode hosted by TechCrunch editor-at-large Mike Butcher, we’ve featured discussions by international CEOs and founders Andrew Brown, president and CEO of EduNav, John Sung Kim, CEO and founder of JetBridge, and Andy Kurtzig, the founder and CEO of JustAnswer. Speakers revealed how international companies continue to run their businesses in Ukraine.



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