5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss IT Arena Early Bird Offer

March 27, 2019

Today is the last day to buy Early Bird tickets to IT Arena 2019. While you still hesitating whether you should purchase your tickets right now, or wait a day later, we’ll remind you why this is a great deal.


It seems obvious but let’s just do the math. If you buy a standard ticket today, you’ll save $30 compared to the day after. If you are buying tickets for you and your 3 friends, that’s a $120 economy. If you decided to purchase an executive ticket with all its benefits, you’ll save $150 today. A decision that helps you save money is a good decision.

Plan ahead

Planning your trip ahead will allow you to take your time and do all the preparation you need: buy plane tickets, find a place to stay: a hotel, or book an apartment, whatever. Being sure you are going to the conference, you’ll be able to carefully and unhurriedly examine the agenda to know which speeches to attend, and who you wanna meet and talk. Great networking also needs to be planed.

Cheaper accommodation

Higher the demand, higher the prices for rent. Remember last year before IT Arena people were sharing Facebook posts annoyed how expensive last-minute bookings were? If you book a hotel or apartment right now, you’ll get your accommodation at a reasonable price.

Cheaper flights

When it comes to flight tickets, the situation is the same – it is cheaper to book ahead. There is a chance to buy tickets on sale so your trip won’t cost more than $100-200. For example, right now tickets from Warsaw to Lviv and back to IT Arena 2019 will cost you just $96.

Guaranteed entry

Even though, IT Arena would love to unite as many people as possible – our venue can host a limited number of people. While you’re hesitating whether you should book your ticket today or wait for another opportunity, IT Arena tickets might be sold out.


You still have time until 10 am tomorrow to weigh all pros and cons 😉

Early Bird tickets are waiting for you here.