5 Ukrainian Startups to Follow in 2021

December 17, 2020

A hand sanitizer made from water, monitor and alert tool for people with bipolar disorder, matchmaking platform for agribusiness expect to hear a lot about these and other Ukrainian startups in the coming year. The startup scene is absolutely booming here! Now dominated mostly by millennials and gen zers it’s very different from what it was just a few years ago. Startups think about solving global problems and scaling in different markets, they care about the environment and tend to choose more complex areas. Following the recent IT Arena Startup Competition, we have chosen five early-stage startups from Ukraine you should know about.


Tradomatic is an online matching platform for agribusinesses. Tradomatic helps farmers sell crops, buy inputs, get financing and buy/sell land faster by matching their requests with buyers and distributors. What makes Tradomatic different from other agritech marketplaces is the fact that its goal is to maximize the farmer’s profit. Tradomatic doesn’t sell or buy itself it offers a simple matchmaking tool for producers and traders. Tradomatic became the Best Startup at IT Arena 2020 Startup Competition winning $10,000 from CRDF Global & IT Arena. The startup plans to invest the money in hiring sales managers and comprehensive research of the markets. 


Chemical-based sanitizing solutions haven’t changed for the last 60 years. They dry skin, cause allergy, have a strong smell, etc. IOON is a high-tech startup that creates alcohol-free and non-toxic sanitizer from water. Silver atoms formed inside IOON kill viruses and bacteria. It has been laboratory proved that IOON is 99,98% effective against gram-positive bacteria, 99,9% against coronaviruses, and 99,98% against gram-negative bacteria. How to use IOON? Pour any drinking water into the device, turn it on and start using. The device has to be charged via a USB-charger 1-2 times per month. One cartridge of IOON makes up to 3 liters of sanitizer and will last for about 30,000 uses; afterward, the cartridge has to be changed. 


ORTY is an innovative restaurant management platform that enables restaurants to quickly launch digital self-service (order from the table, pre-order, delivery). The startup offers a few options: a restaurant-branded chatbot, web app or installable app within the regular restaurant management software. ORTY aims to innovate the ordering process and help restaurants increase sales by focusing on speeding up restaurant service. Currently, ORTY is growing at 14% week to week. The startup has already been servicing hundreds of customers in Ukraine (23 restaurants) and South East Asia (18 restaurants).


Over 160 million people worldwide suffer from bipolar disorder, which often requires from 10 years to lifetime treatment and increases the risk of suicide. Bicovery offers an ML-powered tool for people with bipolar disorder, their families, friends, caregivers, and physicians. It also provides real-time monitoring of patients’ mental and physical state, with ML-powered alerts of upcoming crisis episodes. Bicovery doesn’t diagnose people, working with patients who already have a diagnosis. Since Bicovery is a monitor and alert tool, it doesn’t make direct changes to the patient’s treatment, making the invasiveness level of the tool very low. Bicovery plans to penetrate the market at the beginning of 2021.


SEMCS is a smart eco-friendly mosquito control system, which aims to reduce the risk of vector-borne diseases like Malaria, Zika virus, Dengue, EEE, and Chikungunya virus, etc. in large and open areas by eliminating mosquitoes. The majority of the existing solutions against mosquitoes are chemical-based, which means they affect both our health and the environment. SEMCS offers a cost-effective solution that kills mosquitoes without chemicals, is designed to withstand severe weather conditions, and can be controlled remotely. How does it work? SEMCS attracts mosquitoes, traps them inside the net, thus creating a mosquito-free zone. SEMCS has already passed the most important safety certifications both in Europe and the USA. 


If you are intrigued by the above-mentioned startup ideas, we promise you there’s more. Looking for mobile-only pet insurance easy to buy, claim and manage? SPOKK has a solution for you. Want to level up your party with a light show? The flash syncronizer FlashBeats will come in handy. Farmers shouldn’t miss out on Pytag an online trading platform connecting farm businesses and buyers. Patients, doctors, public and private medical institutions can finally make use of Helsi – a modern, convenient, and reliable electronic medical system. Last but not least, an easy-to-use platform that helps create banners for advertising and social media BannerBoo will definitely boost your marketing game. 

This article has been initially published in issue #13 of ITID Lviv magazine, published by Lviv IT Cluster. Read the magazine online: http://bit.ly/2KsQbvq