6 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit IT Arena

July 12, 2018

Well, well, well. September is almost around the corner, and the most prominent tech event in Eastern Europe, IT Arena 2018, will soon unfold in the city of Lviv. Have you been debating on if the conference is worth visiting or been in search for any reason to not attend the event this September? Do not worry, there are plenty, and we will gladly share them all with you. You are welcome.


Mike Butcher Tech Crunch


  1. Speakers from unknown companies


Why would you want to waste your time to listen to the speakers you’ve never heard of from the companies nobody even knows about? No speaker from global brands like Facebook, Spotify, Microsoft, etc. has ever visited IT Arena. Or have them?

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  1. Too much tech talk


Spending a weekend just listening to multiple speeches on technology is too dull to comprehend. Because, well, can a tech conference offer something else? Of course, not. Nobody ever promised there would be four separate tracks dedicated to the product, business, startups, and, apparently, technology.

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  1. No cool people


What would the audience at such a conference be? Probably, just a bunch of boring nerds, right? Successful business people with fresh ideas do not ever come to IT Arena.


  1. Soon-to-die startups


You cannot disagree with the fact that all startups are just a few foolish ideas nobody actually cares about, 90% of them fail anyway. So, a conference that hosts a Startup Competition and a dedicated track with multiple speakers from the world of startups cannot be too disruptive.

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  1. Boring afterparties


Everyday afterparties are a productive site for networking, but why bother going if you can simply email whoever you need to contact? Also, there is the Futureland Festival on the last day of IT Arena, but it is really not that exciting. Who would want to dance all night to electronic music by the best DJ’s while witnessing the latest technologies unravel?



  1. Lviv is super old and hard to reach


Don’t even get us started on this one. Literally, no planes fly to Lviv from England, Poland, Germany, and so many other places, and if you do somehow get here, there is nothing to do in this city, founded back in 1256, way before first iPhone was even invented.


Are there any more reasons to not even consider coming to IT Arena 2018?