Announcing‌ ‌Semi-Finalists‌ ‌of‌ ‌IT‌ ‌Arena‌ ‌2021‌ ‌Startup‌ ‌Competition‌ ‌

October 1, 2021

IT Arena Startup Competition is the event bringing together the most revolutionary startups and the brightest entrepreneurs, investors, business angels, and tech fans for online interviews and pitching. This year 115 startups applied for participation in this competition. We have finished the pre-selection process and now 30 companies are ready to present their startups and participate in the fierce competition, pitching their ideas. On the 2nd day of the conference, on October 8, four online pitching sessions will define the finalists of this year. The semi-finalists are startups from all over Ukraine, who are on the rise, have new ideas, and represent some bright innovations. Let us see what spheres and industries are most relevant in this year’s startup contest. 

Artificial Intelligence creates AI videos with a digital presenter just from text. Skillreveal is an experts network that connects and assesses IT talents, helping to build successful tech teams by conducting qualified technical assessments and precise talent matching. Noty is a platform transforming video calls into actions, capturing conversation and extracting important info from it, so you can have action items and follow-ups prepared for you just after the call, staying engaged and never losing a word again.

Health Care, Mental Health Care and HealthTech

Pleso is a mental health startup that connects the customer with the most suited therapist with the help of advanced algorithms and superior customer service. Konopka patient care automation system for hospital beds. CareTech Human allows monitoring vital health indicators and detecting early signs of diseases. MISU is a mobile app based on a monitoring and notification system to prevent critical conditions. It is easy and available for all people who like using smartwatches or bracelets. After the pandemic, MISU created the function of oxygen measurement. Lab24 is a medical laboratory marketplace with added value. It unites labs, nurses, medical centers and makes laboratory services more affordable and cheaper for customers.

Fintech, Accounting/LegalTech

Saldo Apps is a simple mobile-first all-in-one software solution for SMEs’ sales and accounting automation. Fintellect is an all-in-one financial planning tool for creative service companies and small IT firms.

AR/VR, Social Media

MANNA is a kind of a Metaverse, a social media platform that allows creators to choose 3D scenes and avatars, animate them with their face and body movements, navigate in 3D. V-Art is a platform to exhibit, sell and collect digital art, with the goal to digitalize the art market. Unlink VR a free-space optical communication for untethered hi-end VR experience

The complete list of semi-finalists of IT Arena 2021 Startup Competition includes 30 startup initiating companies: elKYC, Re:zume, BloggerMall, DrugCard, Erudito, MATHEMA, Unlink VR, Zeely, Workee, SmartZavod, Suplery, Lab24, pleso therapy, Saldo Apps, V-Art, knopka, nect WORLD, Postello, Workado,, Mosqitter, skillreveal, Noty, Happy Monday, MISU, CareTech Human, Deputy, Jiffsy, MANNA, Fintellect.

The total prize fund of IT Arena Startup Competition 2021 amounted to $90,000 raised from CRDF and USF and this sum is still increasing. The winner will be announced from the stage of Lviv National Opera during the Startup Finals and Awards ceremony. The winner will receive the grand prize of $20,000; the 2nd prize is $18,000, and the 3rd prize is the sum of $15,000 for the startups’ business development.

The jury of the Startup Competition 2021 is represented by Mykhaylo Puzrakov, President of Lviv Tech Angels; Ragnar Sass, CEO & Founder at Lift99, Bas Godska, Founder, General Partner at Acrobator Ventures, Alexandra Balkova, Head of Portfolio at Startup Wise Guys; Mariia Tintul, Program Managing Director at Startup Wise Guys, Warren Haber, Managing Director at Exoventure; Marco Rubin, Chairman at Exoventure; Ihar Mahaniok, Angel Investor; Igor Pertsiya, Venture Partner at TA Ventures.

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