B2B Matchmaking

Experience a new level of business matchmaking at IT Arena. Networking has always been an integral part of our conference, and due to its transformation into a hybrid format, networking will change too. B2B Matchmaking enables effective communication and discovering the contacts you need at the event of several thousand attendees.

30 countries

150 companies

200+ participants

List of potential partners

Catalog of potential partners for seamless navigation will contain all the necessary information about Ukrainian and international companies from 15 countries and contact persons. All business chat participants will receive a catalog before the event to get acquainted with it beforehand. In the business chat, you will be able to start a conversation in one click.

Business chat

Business chat is an additional opportunity for those seeking business partners. It will be available to Executive ticket holders, representatives of international companies, and event partners. To join the chat in the IT Arena app, attendees will have to submit a request.

Personalized recommendations

The B2B Matchmaking chat will be coordinated by a manager to help participants find each other faster throughout the event days. You will receive personalized recommendations based on your business interests and prompt notifications containing useful information. The manager will provide chat participants with suggestions and support for three weeks after the event.

Effective communication

Business chat offers an additional medium for effective communication, and, unlike other business events or channels, does not require mandatory calls or carousel meetings with all the other participants. Feel comfortable to reach out to and converse with anyone via message at your own time.

Offline C-level event

Tech Lounge is an afterparty for Executive ticket holders, which annually brings together several hundred leaders of the Ukrainian IT industry, conference speakers, investors, and top media representatives for informal communication. This year, the Tech Lounge is the only event to take place offline. Let's meet on October 8 at MAD bars house.


Countless business opportunities

Join Matchmaking

*All options described above are available for Executive ticket holders only

If you still have questions, email us at business@itarena.ua