Beyond Virtual: IT Arena Goes Hybrid in 2021

June 4, 2021

After a year of virtual, IT Arena 2021 returns as a hybrid event. Set to take place on October 7-9, IT Arena aims to maximize both online and offline format benefits, creating a more intimate atmosphere for its attendees. Productive networking, business matchmaking, and festival spirit remain IT Arena trademarks, but this year, adapt to the socially distanced reality we’re living in. How will the format change this year and how can you join? 

14 months after the pandemic began and even after an encouraging COVID-19 vaccination campaign taking place around the world, we still continue to ask ourselves, “Is it possible to go back to the lives we had before?” IT Arena 2021 will try to find the answer to this question, partially returning to an offline format in order to gather the world’s coolest tech experts and industry leaders in one place.

Online. Connected to the world

Every year IT Arena speakers include top experts from the most diverse global companies. Among already announced speakers who will share the most interesting insights during the 2021 edition – representatives from H&M, Google, Cloudera. Due to COVID-19 related safety issues and restricted mobility between countries, most international speakers will be joining the IT Arena virtually.  However, the online format offers an unlimited opportunity for us to attract the best speakers to the conference. Stay tuned for new speaker announcements very soon.

The online part of IT Arena is an opportunity to be in several places at the same time. The event will take place on an interactive platform, where each participant will be able to chat and network via video calls, participate in discussions, switch between tracks in one click and interact with speakers in real-time.

The coming back of an in-person event

IT Arena 2021 will include in-person afterparties of the first and second day, a networking party for Executive Tickets holders – Tech Lounge. The third day of the IT Arena will also take place offline. The event’s afterparties offer a great chance to meet fellow attendees in some of the most vibrant cafes in Lviv after an intensive day of online sessions. Each afterparty venue will be available for a limited number of attendees with all COVID-1 The number of participants in the event is limited, all security requirements will be observed at the events.

As before the pandemic, the third day of the event will take place in the format of meetups in cafes and restaurants located in the historical part of Lviv. It will hold about 30 meetups in ten institutions of the city, complying with quarantine requirements and a limited number of attendees at each venue.

“The hybrid format of IT Arena 2021 is another experiment for us. Last year, we held a large-scale online event for over 4,000 participants, and this time the quarantine restrictions allow us to partially return offline. We plan to break into the new reality of remote and conscious living – and gather a limited number of attendees for evening afterparties, as well as meetups and workshops on the third day. As organizers, we are very much looking forward to October to once again experience the vibe of shared experiences and in-person meetings, discussions and good networking,” comments Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.

The number of tickets with access to IT Arena 2021 offline events is limited. Hurry up to pre-book your ticket today. Registered participants will be the first to get information when tickets go on sale.