Grammarly Raises $90 Million & Becomes a Unicorn

October 11, 2019

One of the most successful Ukrainian startups, Grammarly has raised $90 million in recent investments. Grammarly is a favorite tool of copywriters, editors, journalists and everyone who writes in English. It is an online service that uses artificial intelligence to help people communicate. The total amount of investment raised is $200,000 million. IT Arena congratulates Grammarly on such a success and recalls the amazing talks Grammarly tech experts did at IT Arena before.

After the latest round of investment led by General Catalyst, the evaluation of the company reached $1 billion. This entitles Grammarly to be an official unicorn. Last year we celebrated Gitlab’s success in raising $100 million with a $1,1 billion evaluation. Grammarly is another company with Ukrainian origin that proves that Ukraine is full of talented tech entrepreneurs.

IT Arena 2019 was lucky to have a speaker from Grammarly on the lineup. Vitaliy Atrasevych, Computational Linguist at Grammarly talked on “How NLP at Grammarly works”. Vitaliy spoke at the Tech Track, sharing the insights of implementing NLP in the online-editing tool. “The company’s mission is to improve lives by improving communication,” said Vitaliy during the talk. This is the key goal Grammarly managed to achieve.


IT Arena 2018 was glad to have another Grammarly representative as a speaker. Igor Karpets, Head of Enterprise Sales at Grammarly revealed what email marketing strategies Grammarly uses for customer retention. He shared tactics he uses to communicate with foreign clients which helped the company enter the American market.


Grammarly states that the investment will be used to expand the tool integrations to help even more businesses. The team admitted working on new features to facilitate professional writing. Earlier this year, the company presented features on better clarity, delivery, and engagement of text. Grammarly uses the freemium business model. Thus all users have access to correctness and clarity features, but only Premium users can improve engagement and delivery of their texts.

*The text was written with the help of Grammarly.