IT Arena 2020 is fast approaching, with our speakers polishing their presentations notes and the IT Arena team finalizing preparations to make the attendee experience as seamless and unforgettable as possible. Industry leaders, the largest tech unicorns, and some of the hottest startups will meet at one meeting point on October 8. To make sure you’re all set, check out a list of steps to help you get the greatest advantage of IT Arena 2020.

Get acquainted with the lineup 

IT Arena 2020 will feature hundreds of hours of valuable content from such leading global companies as Google, Tesla, Formula1, SAP at the event’s 4 traditional tracks: Business, Tech, Product, and Startup. 

Check the agenda beforehand

Look through the agenda to choose the presentations that interest you most and schedule your day accordingly. You can highlight your favorite talks by adding them to your calendar via the agenda. If you’re using the mobile app, you can bookmark selected talks directly in the app. Set a reminder alert to make sure you don’t miss any favorites.

Define your goals

To make the most of IT Arena, think through your key objectives, be it learning a particular topic from the expert in your field, meeting relevant people, or both. Use your time efficiently switching between work and your must-see talks. Download the IT Arena app and start chatting with fellow attendees prior to the event.

Download the IT Arena app

IT Arena 2020 is a 2 screen experience. We recommend using both the platform and app to achieve a multifaceted virtual experience. However, you can opt for the variant that works for you best – watch talks on the web platform and network using the app. If you are watching the event on the go, the app will become your helping hand. 

Download the iOS or Android app here.

Register on the platform here.

Ensure your wifi is stable

This year’s event experience is not location-bound, which means you can be anywhere you want. Working in the office, doing an elliptical cardio workout in the gym, enjoying a nature getaway with family – no need to cancel your plans, just make sure the internet connection is fast enough there. 

Create an account and log in

After downloading our IT Arena app, fill in your bio and interests. Add goals you have set yourself for the event in the “objective” line (e.g. networking, knowledge, partnership, etc.). The app’s AI tool will recommend you the matching talks based on the interests described in your profile.

Enjoy an interactive experience

Network with fellow attendees using personalized connection recommendations, creating group chats or talking directly. Discover people and companies you want to meet, check out startups, and participate in giveaways. Share your impressions on social media using #itarena2020.

Follow up

Networking doesn’t stop at the third IT Arena day. Reach out and stay in touch with the people you’ve met to maintain and nurture your professional network. Show them appreciation or offer to do a business-related favor. Plan small get-togethers to discover new business opportunities and discuss your future cooperation. 


Spare some of your time and leave us feedback. As much as we hope the next IT Arena will return to its original offline mode, we would appreciate knowing you enjoyed the new virtual experience this year. 

Even though IT Arena takes on a new digital format this year, we’ll still be hosting one offline event. On October 9, Executive ticket holders are welcome to visit a C-level networking event Tech Lounge. The event will start at 20:00 at Park. Art of Rest. If you’d like to attend Tech Lounge, but your ticket type is Standard or Senior, you can still upgrade your ticket by contacting us at