How to Get to IT Arena Venue

September 26, 2019

IT Arena kicks off tomorrow! We know getting to IT Arena venue is most convenient by car, but you also can reach the event if you prefer any kind of alternative transport. A bus, bike, scooter, hoverboard, mono-wheel, you name it! We’ve prepared a detailed guide on how to get to Arena Lviv Stadium if you decide to leave your car at home.

Morning Shuttle Buses: there’ll be 3 buses on Friday and Saturday every 15 minutes, starting at 8:30 from Danylo Halytskyi Monument directly to Arena Lviv Stadium.

To get to the afterparty on Friday hop on one of the 3 buses from Arena Lviv Stadium (Main entrance) to Taras Shevchenko Monument departing every 15 min from 18:45.


To get to the Futureland Festival, get on one of 4 buses from Arena Lviv Stadium to Malevich Night Club departing every 15 min from 19:00 on Saturday.

If you miss the shuttle buses provided by IT Arena, there are a few options on how to get there with public transport. Be ready for a refreshing walk. There are basically two options:

Your final destination can be the shopping mall King Cross Leopolis.



№ 3а: Rizni Square – Stryiska St. – King Cross Leopolis

№10: Railway Station – Naukova St. – King Cross Leopolis

№40: Vynnyky – Pasicha St. – Sykhiv – King Cross Leopolis

№ 25: Staroznesenska St. – Lypynskoho St. – Horodotska St. – Lubinska St. – Naukova St. – King Cross Leopolis


If you choose any of the buses above, you would have to walk from King Cross Leopolis to the event’s venue at Arena Lviv Stadium: 20 min, 1,6 km. This walking route was created specifically for Euro 2012. The route is quite scenic.

See the route here.


The second option – get off at a stop called Solilnytska St. and walk along K. Miklosh St.: 21 min, 1,6 km.

See the route here.


If you prefer electric transport, there’s an option to go by trolleybus. Trolleybuses go to the Bus Station only. We suggest choosing this option in the night time.

№3: Riashivska St. – V. Velykoho St. – Bus Station

№ 24: Sykhiv – Zelena St. – Petrushevych Square  – Stryiska St. – Bus Station

From the Bus Station to Arena Lviv Station you would have to walk. There are two options: the longer option would be to walk along Stryiska St., and then turn to K. Mikliosh St (2,2 km), or you can choose a more scenic and faster route through Archangel Michael’s park (1,9 km).

If you’re commuting with a bike or an electric scooter:


There’s a great 1,6-long two-way cycling lane from the Stryiska – Naukova crossroads to Bus Station. Next, you have to turn to K.Mikliosh St. and ride for another 2,2 km.

A great option would be to rent a Nextbike. The closest Nextbike stations are located next to the Bus Station and King Cross Leopolis. Please see above how to get to IT Arena venue from there.

By the way, if by any chance you decide to arrive at IT Arena 2019 in style on your personal helicopter, we’ve got you covered – there’s a helipad at the venue.

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