How to Pitch your Startup: Recommendations by Mike Butcher

August 11, 2017

How do you present your idea and make your audience remember you? How do you pitch your startup to investors? What do you have to focus on in your speech? It’s not only important to create a unique business idea and build your startup, but also to sell your idea to the world. Lviv IT Cluster put together 5 videos, recommended by Mike Butcher, tech journalist, startup expert, and Editor-at-Large at TechCrunch.

1. Make your 5 minutes memorable

This video is a short masterclass by Donna Griffit, a professional corporate storyteller. Donna coaches you on presenting information and getting the results you want from your pitch. She advises to intrigue, not to share all information in one speech, to introduce yourself shortly, and to explain your idea using only simple words. Watch the video to find out more.

2. Pitching like a Boss

Vitaly Golomb is a venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author of Accelerated Startup. He was a speaker at IT Arena 2016. In this video, he talks about what information you need to share in your speech. He advises to put the most important info in the beginning of the pitch, to talk about why your startup is the best, and about which business model you use. He also explains why it’s important to control your body language during the presentation.

3. How to pitch your startup

Andrew Goldner is the Founder of GrowthX, a company that helps companies grow by smart management, professional communication with investors and talent acquisition. He emphasizes on the importance of the preparation of your pitch and recommends to talk about your startup enough to capture people’s attention and get a chance at a second meeting.

4. How to tell your story and pitch your startup

Andrea Barrica, Founder at Deep Connection Technologies, is famous for coaching hundreds of founders on pitching and storytelling. She talks about the difference between what you plan to say, what you actually say during the speech, and what the audience wants to hear from you.

5. The pitching masterclass for startups 

Vidar Andersen, Norwegian Internet Software veteran, startup founder, hacker, and investor explains what investors are looking for and introduces three types of pitching. He also talks about the 13 magic slides of your pitch deck, which will help you to get a funding decision.