IT Arena 2021: Speakers from AstraZeneca, Headspace, Airbnb and Afterparty at Lviv Opera

September 8, 2021

The most anticipated event in the world of technology will begin in a month. During the three days of the conference, on October 7-9, IT Arena will bring together the top speakers, IT experts and industry leaders. Let us overview why IT Arena 2021 is a must-visit event not only for tech geeks, but also a platform where future unicorns can be born and a meeting place for those who have been missing for the offline events.

All the benefits of online and offline

This year IT Arena will take place in a hybrid format, combining all the best of offline and online. With the start of vaccination against COVID-19, the world has partially returned to in-person communication. Offline communication, conference atmosphere, top live speeches inspire new plans and ideas. However, the online format has its undoubted advantages, that is the unlimited opportunities to attract the best speakers to a conference remotely. 

Briefly about the history

IT Arena 2021 is the eighth technical conference, six previous took place at Arena Lviv stadium. Throughout its history, IT Arena has been visited by 18192 attendees from more than 40 countries, 678 well-known speakers have made presentations. 800 startups participated in IT Arena Startup Competition, 162 meetups and 24 afterparties were held in Lviv, and 525 hours of exciting networking were conducted. In 2020, 4076 attendees from 82 Ukrainian and 62 foreign companies joined IT Arena.

Even more interesting speakers

This year, IT Arena is traditionally divided into thematic streams – business, product, startup and technology, which are represented by speakers from the world’s leading companies AstraZeneca, Microsoft, Uklon, Headspace, Linkedin:

  • Shameer Khader, PhD, AstraZeneca, uses big data and machine learning approaches for accelerating drug discovery.


  • Beth Anne Katz, product manager at Microsoft, is in the top 100 most influential women in Silicon Valley, according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, she advocates mental health and stress reduction.


  • Dmitry Dubrovskiy, co-founder and CEO of Uklon, has a successful experience of business transformation with the help of machine learning.


  • Frank Bach, lead product designer at Headspace, his app is listed by Forbes as one of the top 10 game changing ones.

Shameer Khader, PhD, AstraZeneca, shares on Twitter: “Looking forward to share at IT Arena 2021 on how the best of technology including big data and machine intelligence could drive drug discovery, development and repositioning.”

Maye Musk  about the indomitable spirit and no-nonsense attitude to work

The headliner of IT Arena 2021 is Maye Musk – the most famous mother in the world, author of international bestseller, well-known nutritionist who gives talks worldwide about health, nutrition, business and aging. Throughout her career, Musk has focused on helping women stay confident, focused and strong. Maye Musk will join IT Arena in a fireside chat set to take place on Friday, October 8. Her talk will concentrate on women’s empowerment and their impact on the development of the tech industry.

$70,000 for the best ideas

Within the IT Arena the Startup Competition will take place, which will bring together the most ambitious early-stage startups in Ukraine. The total amount of the prize fund of the IT Arena Startup Competition 2021 is $70,000. Young startups that have not existed for more than 2 years and have a demo version of the product are invited to participate in the Startup Competition. The finals and awarding of winners will take place on October 9 at the Lviv National Opera. Last year the participants offered solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, particularly the agriculture industry, people with bipolar disorder support, anti-insect products, sanitizers produced from water, and digital self-services in restaurants. Kharkiv startup Tradomatic, which combined agribusiness and technology, became the winner of the IT Arena Startup Competition 2020 and received the main prize of $10,000 from CRDF Global & IT Arena. Former finalists have made successful exits and scaled their business.  

Meetups and afterparties – even more opportunities for quality networking




After experts talks at IT Arena, participants will continue communication in a more relaxed atmosphere at meetups and afterparties. These events will take place in the most interesting locations of Lviv. One of them is MAD Bars House, located in the historic center and will host two big parties – Networking & Beer Party and Tech Lounge.

  • On October 8, on 1-2 floors of MAD Bars House, Networking & Beer Party will be held, inviting IT Arena fellow-attendees to continue networking. On the 5-6 floors of MAD and its rooftop space, the Tech Lounge party will bring together the top management, investors, and government officials.


  • On October 9, the meetups will be held in the following locations of the Lviv city center: Hotel “Leopolis”, MAD Bars House, Beer Theater “Pravda”, Grand Cafe “Leopolis”, Masonic Lodge, Lviv Coffee Mine “Kopalnya Kavy”, Art-center “Dzyga”. The format of the meetups allows the IT Arena attendees to learn more about Lviv and discuss the development of the IT industry in a more comfortable atmosphere, in compliance with all Covid-19 recommendations.


  • This year, Lviv IT Cluster, the main organizer of IT Arena, will celebrate its 10th anniversary on the 3rd day of the conference at the Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Solomiya Krushelnytska. Lviv National Opera has always been a center of historical and cultural life, and this time will become a center of communication between leaders and founders of IT companies, industry experts and a stage for the finals of the Startup Competition.

“The format of IT Arena 2021 is another experiment for us. Last year we held a large-scale online event for 4,000 attendees and in 2021 we plan to break into the new reality of remote and cautious living – and gather a limited number of participants for evening afterparties, as well as third-day meetups and workshops,” comments CEO of Lviv IT Cluster, Stepan Veselovskyi.

About online platform and B2B matchmaking

IT Arena will take place at interactive platform, where each attendee will have the opportunity to communicate in chats and video calls, participate in discussions and switch between speeches, as well as interact with speakers in real-time. IT Arena will provide participants with the best content, combined with opportunities for quality networking and matchmaking within the B2B matchmaking functionality. B2B Matchmaking is an additional opportunity for effective communication and acquaintance with potential customers. The business chat is complemented by a directory that contains information about the companies participating in the IT Arena conference, so it provides the opportunity to receive personalized recommendations depending on your business goals.

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