Top 5 Must-See Videos For UI/UX Designers

April 19, 2017

In the era of drones and humanoid robots, it is difficult to underestimate the value of design. Whether you are working in UX or sales, the design probably affects your life to a certain extent. Here’s the list of top videos from IT Arena for designers, as well as those who interact closely with the sphere. Since, as Raymond Loewy once said: “Design is too important to leave it to designers”.

1. Greger Ottosson: How Design Thinking is Transforming Product Development at IBM

“Building a design capability is a great…but it’s not enough”. With examples from his work at IBM, Greger Ottosson tells which things blend well with agile and design thinking and why we need to address product management if we really want the design to have an impact on our product.

2. Beverly May: The Future of Digital Product Design

Back in 2011 people didn’t know much about the strategic value of design. Now tech trends are dramatically changing what design means for us and how we design. These things are personalizing our lives, these things are deciding the way websites tell stories and because of these things an average person is now more aware of design than ever before. Learn why classical design is dead and which directions the user-centered design will take in the following years.

3. Heike van Geel: How to Measure the Value of UX Design in Enterprise IT Projects

Heike van Geel proves that value of UX design is measurable. Moreover, the design brings monetary and human value (represented by user satisfaction). Good UX design enables users to do more and do it better.

4. Ivan Pashko: Good Enough Prototype

When you’re a UX designer – building products that will satisfy both user and business needs should be your ultimate goal. How to focus on objectives, discard bad assumptions and create a prototype which will finally be good enough.

5. Natalie Warnert: Lean Business Analysis and UX Runway

A short guide on how to define roles of Business Analysts and UX designers in Agile: what are the ways to help BA and UX collaborate and learn quickly.