Leading Celebrity Tech Investors

June 21, 2019

In the 21st century, a new generation of information technology is coming towards us. Its fast innovation speed, universality, and the infiltration are so strong that everyone can feel it in everyday life.
Many celebrities who make big money have also invested in the thriving technology industries to follow the current capital boom. Well, after reading this blog, you may be amazed to find the stars you are in love with behind some of your favorite apps.


Ashton Kutcher: Hollywood’s big investor

Ashton Kutcher is the main performer in the famed films The Butterfly Effect and Jobs. In addition to acting, he is also a successful investor. He has invested in a huge number of famous technology companies, such as Uber, Airbnb, Foursquare, Skype and Zenefits.

Ashton invested fast and accurately. He’d once outspoken in an interview that he tried to get close to the Silicon Valley resorting to his “celebrity title”. He mingled with the tech community and frequently takes part in the tech conferences and business activities in the Silicon Valley. Many people regard him as a smart investor. The travel search website Hipmunk co-founder Adam Goldstein once said he speaks with Kutcher “two or three times a quarter”, primarily as someone to bounce ideas off.

Kim Kardashian: let the ordinary people experience the life of a star

Socialite Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest names in American fashion and entertainment, dominating the covers and headlines of gossip magazines for years. It is hard to comment on her acting reputation but she made quite good internet investments.
She knows well how to capitalize by virtue of her celebrity identity. She invested in Shoe Dazzle in 2009 and raised $20 million just within one year. Later on, the ever-popular mobile game – Kim Kardashian Hollywood was launched in 2014, where users can dress up, alter settings and virtually socialize to experience what it feels like to be a Hollywood star.

Justin Bieber: Social platform enthusiast

Justin Bieber definitely has more than just great music attainments. He also has a good business sense. Justin loves social media and he is very familiar with sites like SoJo Studios and Tinychat. “I’m not going to invest in something I don’t like; I have to believe in the product,” Bieber has once told Forbes.

Consequently, he invested in one of his favorite companies – SoJo Studios in 2009. SoJo is short for social joy and the idea of this company is to let people play games in the virtual world while actually influencing the real world. People built virtual farms and courtyards in the game, and in SoJo’s world, virtual games can be turned into real activities through charity.

It seems like Justin Bieber has a particular favor for tech stocks, which was indeed shown by his later investments. He invested in Tinychat (a website that focuses on creating a free chatroom) and Stamped (an evaluation and commenting website) in the last ten years.

Leonardo DiCaprio: targeting at startups

Leonardo is not only an excellent actor and producer but also an excellent investor. He has majorly invested in at least six tech firms in the last eight years, according to the Bangalore-based data analytics firm Tracxn. One of his earliest investments is Fisker AutoMotive, an electric carmaker. In 2012, he put money in MindMaze, a Swiss Startup that is pioneering virtual reality technologies.

He is an environmental activist and particularly prefers investing in companies related to green technology. DiCaprio has recently joined a climate-technology fund as an adviser. He will advise on global growth-stage technology investments at the fund, which is part of Princeville Capital, a 500 million investment firm based in San Francisco and Hong Kong.

Gwyneth Paltrow: the fashion queen’s e-commerce business

Influenced by the prevalence of e-commerce, Gwyneth Paltrow has launched her own lifestyle website, Goop, which has attracted millions of subscribers. Until now, various products have been launched, including Goop cookbooks, city travel books, Goop line of fashion, cosmetics and household products.

The shift of celebrity investments to flourishing technology has become an irreversible trend. Other celebrities who also made their try to catch up with such trend include Tyra Banks, the famous supermodel; Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr.; Blake Lively, the main actress of the popular TV series Gossip Girl; Jessica Alba, a famous film actress, and many others.