More Than Tech: A Guide to IT Arena Tracks

July 8, 2019

Tech community is more than engineers only. To help each of the tech-savvy attendees get the maximum out of the conference, IT Arena organizers decided to divide all topics into 4 tracks: Business, Tech, Startup, and Product. Curious to find out which track fits you best? Find answers in this blog!


Business track gathers most of the conference attendees because that’s where the stage where our most prominent speakers deliver their keynotes is located. IT Arena business stage has seen some of the world’s most influential speakers: this is where Alexander Nix gave his speech about the unlimited opportunities of Big Data, Stephanie Alys invited all the attendees to bring some tech to their sex life, and Semyon Dukach shared his personal story about stopping his gambling career to start something even riskier – angel investments.

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This year won’t disappoint IT Arena guests. Josh Fechter, founder of Squibler will rock the stage with his speech about cutting-edge growth marketing strategies to help you acquire customers and grow the brand. He created a multi-billion media agency called BAMF Media, which helped to grow such brands as TEDx, Mixmax, Scribe Media, and Pioneer. Now he works in a completely new direction. His literature tech startup helps novelist to write and publish books online faster than ever. Somebody, please, pitch this online tool to George R. R. Martin.


IT Arena is the best place for startups to show off their innovative products and learn about business development, product marketing, growth hacking tips from people with impressive track records. Thus, in 2018 young entrepreneurs could listen to Estonian entrepreneur Martin Villig, Co-Founder at Bolt. He shared how Estonians managed to become a startup nation with the biggest number of unicorns per capita. Founders, managers, and everybody interested in startups could also take part in a fireside chat with John Sung Kim, CEO at JetBridge – a company that knows everything about Eastern European tech market, as it sticks to the rule of working with Ukrainian developers.

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This year people will be able to hear the success story from Stas Matviyenko, CEO of Allset. A Ukrainian startup enables pre-booking restaurants, works in 12 cities in the US and covers more than 1700 cafes. 2018 was a very successful year for the startup: the team started a partnership with Google and increased the number of order by 100%. IT Arena attendees will be able to learn all the Allset secrets at the Startup track.


Tech track is the place where all the geeks of the conference are hanging out. Last year there were 2 tech stages to satisfy any thirst for tech solutions. Attendees were listening to a story of enormous achievements of Gitlab, Ukraine’s first startup unicorn, from its CEO Dmitriy Zaporozhets. He talked about simplifying the development processes with Auto DevOps. For seekers of Big Data solutions, Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist at Google Cloud described how Data Analytics can be used for simple everyday decisions.

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The world has changed so fast that in 2019 it’s hard to distinguish your friend from an Artificial Intelligence Android. However, AI would not forget your birthday, so maybe it’s not that complicated. The speakers of IT Arena 2019 will keep talking about innovative ways of AI implementation. For example, Mohamed-Achref Maiza, a senior data scientist at Renault Digital will talk on how Big Data and AI are disrupting automotive core business. Maiza works on new remote ways of car diagnosis using artificial neural networks and machine learning technics, automating quality control with computer vision.


Usually, product track has one of the most crowded rooms at the conference. Product owners, managers, marketers, business developers, business analysts gather here to find out new technics and approaches to make their product perfect. Last year people could pick up new insights from Thabet Alfishawi, Growth Product Manager at Google Assistant, Myriam Joire, tech journalist at TNKGRL media, Matt Wallaert, Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health. Who will share the product knowledge with you in 2019? Stay tuned, we’ll announce a new batch of speakers next week!



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