Netflix Series Features Semyon Dukach, Former IT Arena Keynote Speaker

May 28, 2021

Netflix has just released a five-episode series called Money, Explained showing how banks can play the credit card system, what are the origins of the student debt crisis, how a gambler’s brain works, the history of pensions, and why the system is failing seniors. Semyon Dukach, angel investor and Founding Partner of One Way Ventures, appears in episode four devoted to gambling. Dukach was the keynote speaker of IT Arena 2018.  

Semyon Dukach is known for his angel investments. Startups who have received a generous check from him include Milewise, CoachUP, Amino, as well as Ukrainian-founded Petcube, and Preply. A few years ago, Semyon together with his business partner Eveline Buchatskiy founded One Way Ventures – a VC fund for immigrants. Driven by the extraordinary experiences of fellow immigrant founders, Dukach believes that people should be free to work and create value anywhere, regardless of borders. 

In the new Netflix series, Dukach talks about his experience in the gambling industry, drawing upon how our brain works when we want to beat the odds. The episode is both about winning a lottery and how such an experience can affect other aspects of life. 

Semyon’s mission in the series is to convince people that victory in gambling is both a game of chance and skill. In fact, the chance plays a more significant role. That is why no one can ever beat slot machines or make casinos lose money. Dukach talks about his experience playing for the MIT Blackjack team as his first startup company and his investment fund. He also emphasizes that our brain cannot control emotions and reason during gambling. That is why only professionals, not ordinary people, can win the game almost without losses. At the same time, Semyon recalls that we should educate ourselves and think about investments but remember that day-trading is still gambling. Once you start – there is only a hard way to leave. Semyon is confident that only investing in the story that supports others and has the correct values may bring you victory.