Offline Events to Visit During IT Arena 2021

September 7, 2021

IT Arena has pulled together the experience of the previous years and is ready to unite hundreds of tech influencers and trend-savvy attendees. In 2021 the conference will expand the offline format, boosting the power of live communication and in-person networking. After listening to the tech industry experts at IT Arena, the attendees are invited to the talks in a more relaxed atmosphere at afterparties and meetups. This year, the IT Arena afterhours and satellite events will make the attendee experience as seamless and unforgettable as possible, taking place in the most interesting locations of the Lviv city center. Let us see the details. 

MAD Bars House Afterparty 

October 8, start time 20:00-01:00

MAD Bars House, located in the historic center of Lviv, will host two big afterparties   Networking & Beer Party and Tech Lounge. On the 1-2 floors, Networking & Beer Party will take place, bringing together fellow attendees of IT Arena for tech industry discussions and exploring MAD’s bars and restaurants of a unique concept, reflected by its interior. The higher the floor, the higher the percentage of alcohol in the drinks served. The 5-6 floors and the rooftop space will gather top management, investors, and government officials. Design solutions and details are made to interest the guests to explore all the floors and bars. MAD Bars House is the best suitable location for networking with your partners, sharing insights and ideas in the format of an afterparty. 

Lviv National Opera Afterparty 

October 9, start time 20:00-01:00

One of the brightest and most anticipated events will take place at the Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Solomiya Krushelnytska. This afterparty will include a number of events IT Arena Startup Competition Finals, IT Arena Startup Competition Awards Ceremony, Lviv IT Cluster 10th anniversary celebration, and informal networking at Closing Afterparty. The events will be held at the very heart of the city, its architectural landmark the Lviv National Opera. Being the most distinctive and recognizable building of Lviv, National Opera will host a unique event with an unforgettable atmosphere. It has always been at the center of historic and cultural life, and this time it will become the center for tech experts networking and communication. 

IT Arena Meetups

October 9, start time 11:00-18:00

The meetup map includes such locations as Hotel “Leopolis”, MAD, Beer Theatre “Pravda”, Grand Cafe “Leopolis”, Masonic Lodge, Kopalnia Kavy, Dzyga. The attendees of IT Arena are invited to visit the meetups and continue informal communication, workshops, and discussions in the historic city center. To join the meetup you need to choose the one of your interest and register for it. This year the meetups, the same as the IT Arena speakers lineup, are traditionally divided into topic groups: business, product, and technology, so you can choose the most interesting for you. The format of meetups was created a few years ago for the IT Arena attendees who come from other cities to get acquainted with Lviv. In 2021, IT Arena will not come back entirely offline, but the meetups give an excellent opportunity to gather people offline in a more cozy atmosphere abiding by all Covid-19 safety recommendations.