Startup Competition: Announcing Semi-Finalists

September 28, 2022

Traditionally, Startup Competition gathers the most promising startups to present their ideas as part of the IT Arena conference. This year, 70 startups applied for participation in the competition. The pre-selection process is now finalized, and we are ready to announce 28 companies that will pitch their ideas from the IT Arena stage. 

The full list of semi-finalists of the IT Arena 2022 Startup Competition includes Junior Rozrobnyk, Zeeon, VideoQuiz, Insight.Me!, Knopka, INPUT SOFT, Chameleon Age, UBOS, Anna Maly, WRAP, ASAMA, Reelly, Pocket IP, Nection, Nanit robot, Bumpy, OptySun, MISU,, Palianytsia App, Scally, DonorUA, Clients and Orders CRM, SOLAR PLEX, Shortage, GetOrder, Network.

The Startup Competition prize fund increases annually, and in 2022, it equals $335,000. The competition winners will be announced on the second day of the IT Arena, October 1, after the Startup Finals. 

The list of 2022 semi-finalists includes early-stage startups with interesting ideas and unique solutions for the market. What are the most popular industries represented at Startup Competition 2022? Let’s discover.


Nanit – an educational robot with an innovative approach to identifying children’s creative and technical abilities. offers quick access to top experts’ knowledge 400+ mentors from TOP companies. Palianytsia App develops an app that helps to use a language qualitatively for writers, translators, and everyday learners as well. The pilot market is Ukraine; the target market is the whole world.

Marketing and video production 

VideoQuiz – is a developing SaaS for marketers in the USA, which allows to build interactive videos and increase conversions and the trust of the customer. WRAP – production planning software that helps you make a flawless shooting schedule without going insane.


MISU – a new vision of primary medical care, based on health indicators over a period of time, predicts and informs about possible critical conditions before they can happen. Scally – emotional support for caregivers, a set of effective and easy-to-do exercises endorsed by onco-psychologists, which they use in their practice every day. OptySun – is developing hardware for internally displaced people, refugees, military, and residents of settlements with broken infrastructure and logistics, which allows you to prepare drinking water by cleaning and disinfecting effectively. OptySun kills 99% of bacteria in 10 liters of water. DonorUA – an automated system for recruiting and coordinating blood donors in Ukraine, to solve the problem of the blood deficit in a country.

Networking and social connections

Bumpy – an app for increasing social circles and making friends worldwide without limits. Nection is developing a mobile app for business-minded people, which allows managing all relationships with a personal assistant that automates hours of manual work and provides actionable recommendations.

The Startup Competition 2022 jury is represented by Dmytro Kuzmenko, CEO at UVCA, Joachim Laqueur, General Partner at Acrobator Ventures, Ramon Vigdor, General Partner and co-founder at Acrobator Ventures, Andrew Zinzhuk, Founder and General Partner at ZAS Ventures, and Leon Podobedov, General Partner at hi5 Ventures. The jury members are angel investors and entrepreneurs supporting game-changing projects with extensive experience in all stages of a startup ecosystem. Two of the jury members – Ramon Vigdor and Joachim Laqueur, as a sign of support to the people of Ukraine in times of war, will also deliver humanitarian aid to the county.  

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