Startup Competition Semi-Finalists Selected

September 18, 2019

About 150 startups applied for the Startup Competition at IT Arena 2019. The names of the 45 semi-finalists are already known. Among them: a service that helps to find legal assistance to run your business, a company that offers eco-friendly notebooks, and a 15-year-old engineer who developed a unique LED masks. Let’s learn more about participants of one of the key early-stage startup battles of Eastern Europe. What innovations and products could change your day-to-day routine?

Legal Nodes is a juridical assistant for tech companies that helps to define legal needs and get them done by matching with tech-savvy professionals globally. According to Nestor Dubnevych, Legal Nodes co-founder and COO: “A founder can lose up to 15-25% of the startup’s price if they postpone dealing with all legal procedures.” Among the most common problems are unformed intellectual property rights, gaps in financial statements, unreported employment.

Fifteen-year-old Mykhailo Chumachenko is the founder of Qudi Mask. He focuses on developing LED lighted masks that have changeable modes. In robot mode, the mask reproduces all emotions on the face of the wearer. All electronics, in addition to the LED strip, are located on the back of the mask: charging connector, touch button for switching styles. As Mykhailo Chumachenko says, with this mask, you can do anything: stand out at a party, light up a DJ set or make your story go viral.

Nuka is a recognized startup founded by impressively young team: Katya Mychalko and Nikita Vladykin, 17, and Eugene Shylo, 21. Nuka is creating eternal notebooks and rewritable pencils.You got it right: you can write in Nuka notebook as many times as you want. Moreover, the notebook is water resistant. You are unlikely to lose a pencil because notebook come with a special magnet. Nuka has also designed the app where users can store notes. The startup has already made some buzz internationally, being now evaluated at $1 million.

UBreez is Ukrainian eco startup that created smart air quality meter UBox and app. The smart box measures air quality by parameters that are important to human health: temperature, pressure, carbon dioxide, humidity, and volatile organic substances. Next: the data is sent to the app, and the user is notified if the indicators are outside the normal range. Thanks to UBox, air quality is analyzed with 98% accuracy.

While the whole world is fighting for eco-friendly transport, conflicts between cyclists and car drivers are flashing day by day. For example, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, each year, at least 55,000 cyclists are seriously harmed by cars in the US. The ROTheM startup confirms that approximately 75% of road accidents had happened because cars hit bicycles from behind. ROTheMs product tries to solve this problem. An AI rear safety camera predicts back and side collisions. The gadget automatically warns the vehicle driver with powerful sound and light signals. That’s why AI system may decrease deaths and injuries among cyclists.

Oyper is a Belarusian shopping assistant based on AI that helps to find clothes from an image or video. You point the phone camera at a person and see links to similar clothing’ items from the catalog. The algorithm processes information from fashion blogs and social networks. A service called Oybox is a part of this startup. The main goal of Oybox is to help people get better looks. Together with AI and professional stylist, who, by the way, worked for Italian Vogue, Oybox offers a box with 5 items of clothes, with which one can make up to 6 looks. How does it work? The client chooses price category and answers 25 questions about preferences. Then the neural network analyzes data, comparing it with partner store catalogs. Afterwards, a professional stylist and three assistants do the final selection and send individual boxes to clients.

Booking service The stol works to create the perfect choice of restaurant. Users can reserve tables, get meals and drinks discounts, and put marks. Also, you may get personal recommendations about restaurants, bars, and cafe.

UMe startup is convinced that one second and emoji can save love. That’s why the company developed paired bracelets that help you to stay in touch with your soulmate. Gadgets have a screen and buttons that are reliable to each emoji.

On September 27-28, these startups will compete for prizes and media attention at IT Arena 2019 startup competition. See the full list of semi-finalists:

Plerdy, PatentBot, MyLab, Oybox, Skyworker, Legal Nodes, Oyper, Nuka, Allez, Pizdata Inc, Saport,, Panzly, Viume, UMe, Wobbly, Deepcrypto, NUWORK Inc., Go Beauty Studios, Getpin, SPOKK, ReporTax, Readlax, Lingart, Thestol, Ride Now, Eurocomisar, WATCHED, TASKind, Behave HR, Comin, Nect, ROTheM, UBreez, BeWithMe, Reest, ZIRITY, VR Inn, Archyvault, uTrigg, Qudi,, Berize, TravelMate,