Tech Trends of the Coming Years and Their Key Takeaways

August 19, 2021

The tech industry has been expanding in recent years, together with the world, changing at such a rapid pace. We have selected for you the most interesting technologies that will appear in our everyday life in the near future or are already part of our life. Let’s look at what tech-related trends have emerged and if there is something more to come.

Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is shaping the tech industry globally, the increasing ability of devices to learn and act is totally changing the world. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice interfaces and chatbots are useful for modern business, freeing up human resources, and funds for really important tasks and interesting work. One of the spheres of the use of artificial intelligence will be covered at IT Arena 2021 by the Head of Product at Star, Pavlo Khliust. He will talk about the use of artificial intelligence in organizing remote-working in his speech “Post-pandemic workplace reality: How Artificial Intelligence has changed the way we work forever.” 

Cloud storage and file sharing

The popularity of cloud storage and file-sharing has grown significantly in post-pandemic times. Most of the office workers had to switch to the remote style of work. Working from home, you need to share your files remotely with your team members. The services of cloud storage, such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud are used not only for storage, and sharing of documents but also for device and file synchronization and real-time document co-editing. Christof Leng, SRE Engagements Engineering Lead, SRE Manager II at Google will touch on this in his talk “Ten things we’ve learned from running production infrastructure at Google.”

The Internet of Things and connected devices 

Today most household devices are connected to the global network, having inbuilt sensors, software, and other technologies for connecting and exchanging data with other devices. Such devices are constantly gathering and transmitting data, further promoting the growth in Big data and Artificial intelligence. Smart devices are useful in everyday life – monitoring the consumption of water, electricity, heating, combining smart houses into smart areas. Intelligent air conditioners, smoke and motion sensors, open door sensors, feeders for animals with a timer bring great economic benefits and make our lives more convenient.

Autonomous driving as part of robotization

The concept of an autopilot car in itself raises a great amount of excitement. Companies like Tesla have announced plans to craft their impeccable autonomous vehicles. Automation of such functions as lane-changing, braking and other systems are being streamlined with the help of data generation and analysis. Autonomous driving is not just about cars it also concerns public transport. Public transport, cars, and trucks will extensively use autopilot and driver-assist systems. For example, autonomous trains run in Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, Vancouver and Paris.

Mass personalization

The ability to offer highly personalized products and services on a mass scale has reasons to be booming in the future. Mass personalization has become possible with the help of analytics, Artificial intelligence and big data. The concept  “one size fits all” is losing its relevance. Regular consumers and enterprises are now seeking products and services with a much higher degree of tailored content and features addressing their needs. Personal profiling of consumers by analyzing their social profiles, where they check-in and what products they tag among other parameters will change marketing for businesses. 

Technological solutions in online education and telemedicine

With the pandemic boosting the use of telemedicine and online education tools, telemedicine and online education have become as popular as never before. Telemedicine is a good way of patient care with the use of such technologies and digital services as video calls and mobile health applications, reducing the risks both for patients and doctors’ health.

Most of these trends have become reality before our eyes. We are talking about augmented and virtual reality systems, artificial intelligence, electronic assistants, self-driving cars, smart devices and dozens of others having a great impact on companies and people’s everyday life. If you are interested in trends of the tech world and want to go deeper into them, visit IT Arena 2021 and listen to talks as “Accelerating Drug Discovery and (Re)Positioning using Big Data and Machine Intelligence” by Shamer Khader, Ph.D., AstraZeneca Senior Director, “Scaling AI” by Errol Koolmeister, Head of AI Foundation at H&M, “Accelerating Big Data – modern trends and technologies to enable product analytics” by Boris Trofimov, Software Architect at Sigma Software.

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