Ukrainian Wonder Women in Startup World

March 7, 2019

Women in tech is not a trend anymore. Women conquer the world of technology and their percentage in the industry increases every year. For the last 8 years, the percentage of women in the tech industry increased by 13%. In 2019, among Ukrainian tech experts, 20% are women. These numbers keep growing with progressive and stable dynamics. Good news is female experts in Ukraine unite in such tech communities as IT-Woman, Women Who Code, WTech, European Women in VC and Technovation Ukraine. These communities include developers, designers, and engineers that build their careers in various niches of the tech industry. Women finally found their own businesses, startups, and funds to encourage others. The industry won’t change itself. It is up to us to change it in the way we want it to be. Today, we want to introduce you to 8 female startup leaders and founders who are part of this change.

Lisa Voronkova

CEO at Emotion Labs

Lisa Voronkova is a CEO at Emotion Labs and co-creator of a unique Ukrainian smartwatch – EMwatch. Lisa is the first women from Ukraine who was able to lead the development team at the Alchemist accelerator (based at Stanford University) and launch the production of wearable electronics in Ukraine. Lisa is a bioengineering expert, who managed to be selected as NASA challenge finalist with her product. Taking part in Stanford Acceleration Lisa and her team learned how important is to position their product, so they developed a corporate health program for companies that aims to decrease stress level at work. In the near future, Lisa and Emotion Labs are planning to develop a chatbot which will automate communication with employees, making data gathering anonymous.


Anastasiia Zahorodniuk

Co-Founder at VRNET

Together with a friend, Anastasia founded and developed VRNET, a virtual guide around a house. Founders came up with the idea of production VR tools to convert 3D models into beautiful virtual reality showrooms. VRNET is the opportunity to see and choose an office, apartment or house anywhere, without leaving your couch. Anastasiia never stops learning. She has recently taken part in the Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative, being among a few Ukrainian women at this international program for entrepreneurs and social activists. In 2018, VRNET participated at IT Arena Startup Competition, where the platform became one of the finalists and was awarded a mentorship program by 1991 Open Data Incubator and a two-week trip to the Silicon Valley by Startup Embassy.


Lisa Dzuba

Co-Founder & CMO at Flawless App

Being a part of an innovative and creative team, Lisa is responsible for making her contribution to the Flawless App. Working in marketing, Lisa developed customer detecting skills and decided to create a solution for developers seeking for perfect UX/UI for their app.  It detects mistakes in the design of mobile apps in seconds and helps to build intuitive UX/UI for the app developers. Flawless was got into Techstars acceleration program and became one of the Top-10 Techstars startups. Lisa and the team continue helping developers to achieve smooth user experience without hiring a department of UX designers.

Svitlana Malovana

CEO & Сo-Founder at

Since she was 7, Svitlana was lucky enough to learn how to be an entrepreneur from her father. Today, as a CEO of, this businesswoman unites VR/AR, machine learning and robotics in order to come up with breakthrough solutions in physical rehabilitation. At this time, the company is working on the manufacturing of Raccoon.Clip game controller. Svitlana and her team took part in Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin acceleration program and continue working on new solutions based on their technology.


Katya Mykhalko

CMO & Co-Founder at Nuka, 17-year old entrepreneur

Katya is one of the youngest startup founders in Ukraine. Her team has created an indestructible notebook and pen, which can work even under water. The revolutionary idea became extremely popular in 2018, making Nuka one of the most recognizable Ukrainian startups. Nuka has already raised $ 40,000 of investments, and the company has now been evaluated in $ 1 million. In the near future, the team is planning to launch iOS and Android apps that would allow digitizing notes from Nuka via text recognition. Last month, Katya and her colleagues took part in the world’s biggest startup exhibition – CES 2019.


Margaret Rimek


Together with her partners, Margaret combined a backpack with LED-display, which caused a real sensation on the backpack market. With the help of the PIX app, users can customize the image on their backs and display animation or text. The Rimek’s team conducted successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, which resulted in more than 1000 backpacks pre-booked. The startup took part in CES 2019 and was recognized as the №1  startup by Indiegogo. PIX was reviewed by VentureBeat, The Verge, Gizmodo, GeekDad, Engadget, UnboxTherapy and other international tech media. In 2019, PIX took part at IT Arena Startup Competition and won $ 2,500 travel grant, a $ 5,000 credit for Amazon Web Services and other prizes.


Daria Leschenko

CEO and Partner at SupportYourApp

Co-founder of SupportYourApp and the first female entrepreneur in Ukraine who was listed at Forbes Technology Council. Her startup helps companies to manage client relationship service. By 29, Daria managed to build a 250-employee company and helped to create meaningful client relations for 70 companies from 22 countries. The company’s clients include MacPaw, StarWind, Petcube and many others. In 2018, Daria was listed in Top 30 Under 30  by Kyiv Post and she is not going to stop.

Katerina Kostereva

Co-Founder & CEO at Terrasoft, CEO & Managing Partner at bpm’online

At the age of 25, Katerina and her partner founded an IT company Terrasoft. At first, Terrasoft didn’t have a marketing department, so Katerina was seeking for first clients, conducting about 4 presentations of the company daily. Right now, Terrasoft is serving more than 6,500 businesses around the globe. Terrasoft was recognized at The CRM Market Leaders Awards and their bpm’online CRM system became The Best CRM for Midsize Companies. This was the sixth CRM Market Leaders award in a row for bpm’online.


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