ChatGPT: 5 Unusual Ways to Use the AI Tool

August 30, 2023

ChatGPT: 5 Unusual Ways to Use the AI Tool

Starting with the end of 2022, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, with individuals seeking to automate their lives using this tool. Marketers are launching creative campaigns, and even governments are collaborating with the company to preserve languages.

ChatGPT can assist you with a wide range of work and personal tasks, including text translation, code writing, and providing quick answers to any question you may have. What are some of the most unexpected use cases for ChatGPT? What about meal planning for the week, learning new languages, analyzing the sentiment of any text (including reviews), creating film scripts, and even composing music? Read ahead to learn about how it actually works.

Planning a nutritious diet 

Whether your goal is to get in shape, lose weight, or simply eat healthier, ChatGPT can assist you. If you want to get a diet plan with delicious and diverse meals, just ask ChatGPT about it and provide it with your preferences. Inform the bot about your favorite types of meals, budget constraints for ingredients, desired cooking time, and any specific dietary focus.

For instance, we asked ChatGPT to create a week-long diet plan for a Ukrainian woman and provide recipes for cooking it. Look at the detailed prompt we provided to ChatGPT. Don’t forget to specify your location since prices vary across the world. 

So, we have indicated:

  • the number of days to make the diet;
  • how many ingredients should be in each dish; 
  • which ones are required and which ones should be excluded;
  • the budget limit in the desired currency;
  • time for cooking; 
  • cuisines of the countries you are interested in; 
  • place of residence. 

We also asked ChatGPT to add recipes and a shopping list with estimated costs.

ChatGPT offered us a variety of affordable and delicious recipes that are easy to prepare. However, as we see, only one dish is suggested per day.

Here’s the shopping list. The quantity of each product to buy is not specified, but you can estimate it based on your needs. Note, you can choose your preferred currency of prices. 

On TikTok, one woman shared her experience of requesting a seven-day “endometriosis-friendly” meal plan from the bot to help manage her hormones. Many other bloggers confirm that ChatGPT can greatly simplify the process of selecting a weekly diet.

But be careful. ChatGPT may sometimes provide users with unsafe and unverified dietary advice. When professional experts evaluated bot-generated meal plans for common diets, they identified several significant red flags, with none of the plans passing the test. For example, a suggested vegetarian diet plan was unnecessarily restrictive and lacked sufficient calories for an average adult. It can significantly harm people with eating disorders.

If you don’t require a diet with specific health requirements, you just want to diversify your everyday nutrition and explore dishes from different cuisines, ChatGPT will be a good choice. 

Learning languages

Learn Finnish and sing Cha Cha Cha with Käärijä. Master Japanese and watch anime in original. Speak Chinese – one of the most widely spoken languages. Learn languages with ChatGPT – explore other cultures and just have fun. Without the long choosing courses or searching for exercises online.

Whether you want to improve your grammar, listening comprehension, speaking ability, or pronunciation, take advantage of the bot without limitation. ChatGPT is helpful with more than 50 languages. 

  • Writing correction: Request the bot to check your writing for grammar and proper article usage. It serves as an excellent practice tool for constructing sentences accurately.
  • Learning plan: Allow ChatGPT to create a customized learning plan tailored to your needs, setting goals within a specific timeframe. From now on, you no longer require tutors or courses for language learning. Your progress depends only on your motivation and self-discipline.
  • Pronunciation guidance: Ask how to pronounce certain words correctly. 
  • Phrasebook: ChatGPT can act as your personalized phrasebook, providing useful phrases on various topics.

For example, look at how the bot taught us common phrases in Chinese. 

But unfortunately, the bot can’t explain how I should pronounce it with the correct tones, as is customary in the Chinese language. 

Sentiment analysis

ChatGPT can be super helpful in analyzing emotions and sentiments, especially in customer service and market research. It’s like having a secret weapon to understand how people feel about your products and services.

With ChatGPT, you can easily detect emotions like joy, sadness, anger, indifference etc. Just ask it to analyze the emotional tone of a specific message, and it will provide you with insights. You can even ask for a numerical assessment on a scale starting from -1 for negative and starting from +1 for satisfaction.

It will come in handy when it comes to customer interactions. You can create tailored responses based on clients’ emotional states, ensuring a better customer experience. You can handle signs of dissatisfaction before they escalate into complaints and product rejection.

Sometimes you need to analyze tons of messages, for example, tweets. Then you can use programming languages like Python to extract data from these databases and ask the bot to analyze all the data. 

We asked ChatGPT to analyze sentiments in reviews for the iPhone 14 Pro. We just shared the reviews with ChatGPT, and it gave us an assessment. 

This table shows that chat can define which aspects are argued in the review and the general sentiment. However, it cannot currently access sentiments for each aspect of a review. 

Music writing

ChatGPT can even make music. It’s your own virtual bandmate that jams with you. Just ask ChatGPT to compose music, and it can generate a complete song with chords and lyrics. You can specify the desired tone and main theme of the song.

We requested ChatGPT to create music in the style of Dua Lipa. We asked for a melody in C minor with lyrics about self-reliance.

You don’t need to be a professional musician to understand this, but you should be familiar with playing the chords on a guitar or using specialized music software.

You can request changes from ChatGPT until you get a melody or lyrics that you actually like. Think about brainstorming with chat together.

You can find numerous musical experiments featuring ChatGPT on YouTube and TikTok. While the bot may not always produce the best melody, it can certainly inspire worthwhile ideas and push your creativity. Make ChatGPT your musical companion and unlock new musical possibilities!

Creating a film with ChatGPT

Except for creating advertising copies and stories, chat can help with scenarios. Aaron Kemmer, a space entrepreneur and programmer, shared tread on Twitter how he shot the film using ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT wrote a total of 50 different scenarios for Aaron in 1 hour when it takes a professional screenwriter a month. The chat gave Aaron the desired scenario with dialogues. Then the programmer asked Midjourney to create images and produce a photo film based on the prompts. 

From that point, he could cast the film with real actors based on the scenario and instructions from ChatGPT. The bot even provided a shot list for the operator, including camera positioning, set angles, cast positions, desired color schemes, lighting preferences, lens recommendations, and focus instructions. 

However, some users provided negative feedback. The bot struggles to write complex scenarios with character development. It is more useful for generating short ideas and scenes. Additionally, its scenarios may not be of the same high quality as those produced by professional screenwriters and producers, who consult multiple sources and scripts.

For example, we gave ChatGPT a task to write a scenario about a ruthless witch who killed everyone, including the man who didn’t love her. 

The chat gave us a synopsis of 4 acts for 13 scenes. We then asked for more detail and dialogues.

Here are just five unusual use cases of ChatGPT. Try using the bot for your work, hobbies, or simply to have an interesting time. Remember, you need to choose prompts carefully if you want a satisfying result.