5 Lessons for Product Managers

May 15, 2018

Every year IT Arena devotes a separate track to Product. We combine the world’s best experts and hottest topics to provide you with the most meaningful experience at the event. Let’s recap what the last year was like and watch 5 expert interviews for product managers.


Lisa Long, VP of Innovation and Product Governance at Telenor

Lisa Long, who’s now curating product innovation at one of the world’s largest mobile telecom companies, says that product managers are often expected to represent the voice of the customer. However, in reality, they are not the customer. Let’s find out, what are the vital things on your checklist if you strive to build a career in product management.


Martin Eriksson, Founder at ProductTank and Co-Founder at Mind The Product

With over 20 years of experience building the world’s leading products, Martin Eriksson is THE person to listen if you wanna learn what it really takes to master the skill. In the IT Arena interview, Martin focuses on his personal experience as a product manager and talks about building the iconic product conference – Mind The Product.


John Cutler, Product Manager at Zendesk

John came to product management from UX Research. Now he’s confident that: “Product management is something people from different careers can get involved in even later in their lives, as it draws on all the previous experiences you had”.


Heather Samarin & Vidya Dinamani, Co-Founders at Product Rebels

Heather and Vidya realized that it usually takes up to 18 months to train an employee as a product manager. They needed to speed this up – this is how Product Rebels started. Having put all their personal experience together, they aimed to create a curriculum on how to teach a smart person without any product experience to be a functional customer-driven product manager. Tune in to find out where they ended up.


Ragnar Sass, Co-Founder at Clanbeat and Pipedrive

Ragnar Sass, Co-Founder of Pipedrive, the leading sales CRM platform, is confident that the key to success is really understanding why are you building the product, and what problem are you trying to solve. Find out how this method applies to his companies in the interview.