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Oles Petriv

Country: Ukraine

Position: Co-founder and CTO

Organization: RefaceAI

How Generative Neural Networks Are Transforming The Future Of Synthesized Media

For the last nine years, Oles has been actively researching and developing computer vision and natural language processing systems.

Since 2018, he’s been working on the face swap technology at RefaceAI with a successful launch of the internationally viral app Reface.He has extensive experience in video processing using deep learning methods for detecting objects and actions, predicting image depth maps, semantic segmentation, and generating subtitles for images and video studios in Hollywood. With VideoGorillas, he worked on the 4x resolution increasing in videos and the restoration of Orson Welles’s latest movie for Netflix.

Together with a team at RefaceAI, he developed and implemented a face swap technology for photos, GIFs and videos – one-of-a-kind universal neural network that is trained to swap any human faces in real-time with just one photo. More than 25 million users have already tried technology.

Speech Overview:

– The history of media in the context of technology: how the content consumption looked like without the engagement of consumers and how everything changed with the emergence of games.

– Consumption of the content becomes the content itself: Twitch, Tik-Tok, Youtube.

– Synthetic media and the level of freedom of content consumers: there is no longer one experience for everyone. With each new face swap in the Reface App, videos take on new meanings and emotional appeal.

– Generative adversarial networks and how they synthesize content.

– How the content will change in the future with wider use of such generative systems.

– How we can prevent fakes and misuse of such technologies