Ukrainian Startups Triumph at Wearable Tech Show 2017

May 3, 2017

Ukrainian project Petcube won Smart Home Award at Wearable Tech Show in London. The team of Ukrainian-born entrepreneurs had some serious competitors including Nest and Amazon Alexa, but in the end managed to secure the project’s win.

Petcube – an interactive camera that lets you watch and play with your pet while you’re not at home. The device has been around since 2013, having collected over 250 000$ on Kickstarter and becoming the most successful crowdfunding pet-friendly project back then. In 2016 Petcube was listed 14th in the most innovative Ukrainian companies according to

In 2015, Alex Neskin, one of the creators of Petcube was among IT Arena speakers. Here’s the video of his talk: an A to Z guide of how three guys from Ukraine had an idea, brought it to life and shot to fame.



Other winners of Wearable Tech Show 2017 included Apple Watch 2, Android Wear 2.0. and Snapchat. Another Ukrainian startup which was highly commended in Digital Health Technology nomination is Cardiomo, a device which helps to monitor the health of the elderly. It is attached to the body with the help of electrodes and monitors heart, respiratory system, and body temperature.  If any violations are found, the system sends an alert to your mobile phone and if there is no response for a long time a family or a doctor are contacted. At the moment, there is no mass production of Cardiomo, but the team is planning to launch on Kickstarter soon.

Photo credit: Petcube