Continuous Improvement of Customer Experience: A Case from UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group

October 1, 2023

Around five to seven years ago, it was the common practice for most people to personally go to a bank branch to receive bank references, authorize documents, or withdraw significant sums of money. However, mobile banking has been progressively earning the trust of its customers. The COVID-19 pandemic, followed by the war, accelerated this trend, making mobile banking a vital necessity for both the average Ukrainian and business professionals.

The mobile app market is growing in response to user demands. Staying informed about the latest trends and opportunities in mobile development helps companies adapt to the ever-changing needs of their customers and offer innovative solutions. To ensure the best interaction with customers, companies must consider the customer journey from start to finish, identifying challenges and opportunities along the way.

For instance, in Ukraine, according to various forecasts, a trend for online payments across all sectors of the economy will continue to increase. Therefore, Ukrainians and entrepreneurs need reliable applications that provide the functionality necessary for daily business operations and financial control. UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group has offered such a solution to its clients.

Smartphones turned into a tool for work

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group serves 170,000 business clients, providing them with remote banking services through the UKRSIB business electronic banking platform for constant access to the company’s financial information and uninterrupted business operations in the current circumstances.

In June 2023, the bank’s team created the UKRSIB business application, and within four months, 24,000 clients had already installed it to run their business operations from any place across the world.

Before launching the product, the team of developers gathered feedback on the application’s required functionality and made substantial changes to some features compared to the web version. UKRSIB business is available for both Android and IOS. At the moment, the application has basic functionality, but the bank is working on expanding it.


In the application’s interface, clients can view balances in hryvnia and foreign currency.

The list of company accounts to which they have access, along with key details such as the account name, account number, balance, and currency.

Users can work with hryvnia documents: create, copy, edit, and sign using a qualified electronic signature, as well as perform group actions and apply filters for searching. They can also see the list of hryvnia documents for signing or confirmation.

Clients can generate statements for UAH and foreign currency accounts and export them in various formats: PDF, RTF, XLS, CSV, and DBF. They can also generate turnover reports for hryvnia and foreign currency accounts and export them in PDF, RTF, XLS, CSV formats.

Fund Control for Additional Services:

In the application, clients can switch between companies, if needed, and configure push notifications for temporary login blocking or account suspension.

They can set up notifications for application authorization, operation confirmation, rejection of a hryvnia payment instruction, or the expiration of a qualified certificate.


The first stage of authentication is login with a username and password, followed by confirmation with a one-time password.

Users can also configure Face ID/Touch ID authorization and two-factor authentication for enhanced account security.

Currency Exchange:

  • Users can create, edit, copy, or delete currency sale requests.

Additional Features:

  • The interface is available in two languages: English and Ukrainian, with two themes: light and dark.
  • Users can customize widgets on the main screen and display user or company data.

Upcoming Enhancements:

UKRSIB online has been functioning for six years and offers all the necessary functionality for modern Ukrainians to manage their personal finances and conduct banking operations. It has over 2 million registered clients, with more than 500,000 transactions processed monthly. The most popular feature remains card-to-card transfers.

Following the creation of the new UKRSIB business application, the bank decided to update UKRSIB online to version 2.0 beta.

The first thing users noticed was a change in the interface: it became intuitive, with a redesigned overall design and repositioned icons on the home screen.

Notably, new customers have the option to open a bank account without visiting a branch, provided they register with UKRSIB online 2.0, have the Diia application, a passport, and a Ukrainian mobile operator number. After online identification and electronic document signing, clients can obtain a New Card virtual card for hryvnia transactions with free cash flow servicing.

The current application offers the most popular services among clients: money transfers, mobile top-ups, limit changes, card statements, push notifications, and authorization via Face ID/Touch ID.

A fully updated release with expanded new features is planned for the near future. Thus, for the convenience of clients, the previous version of UKRSIB online will continue to work alongside the new application.

UKRSIBBANK emphasizes that the UKRSIB business mobile application and the UKRSIB online update are part of its innovation and technology development strategy in the direction of digitalization. The bank actively promotes the development of Ukraine’s cashless economy, expands remote service capabilities, and creates innovative, convenient, and high-quality functionality for applications. The bank’s team continually improves online services and optimizes them to meet customer demands. In today’s circumstances, with power outages, remote work, and frequent air raids, access from a mobile device to manage accounts and financial information has become a necessity. In times of war, clients find it crucial to have access to the bank and control their accounts.