First Tech Speakers to Inspire at IT Arena 2021

July 5, 2021

We’re ready to introduce the first batch of speakers who’ll be joining the IT Arena tech track this fall. Shameer Khader, Errol Koolmeister, Carolyn Duby, Dave Karow, and Christof Leng are ready to inspire IT Arena participants with unique insights, exciting stories, and profound expertise. Learn more about these speakers and stay tuned for more lineup updates.





Shameer Khader, Senior Director (AI/ML, Data Science, Digital Health and Bioinformatics) at AstraZeneca  

Dr. Shameer Khader is a senior director of advanced analytics, data science, and bioinformatics at AstraZeneca, a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company. At AstraZeneca, he leads an international team of data scientists, biomedical scientists, statisticians, and software engineers. Previously he was a pharma, healthcare, and life science domain consultant for various biomedical and healthcare data science projects, including Google, LEK Consulting, and Parthenon-Ey. Dr. Shameer Khader likes to raise sensitive topics and present them in a light and humorous way. In 2019, he gave a TEDx talk about problems related to world population growth and ways how we might save human lives. Khader is a healthcare and biomedical data scientist who explains how large-scale molecular and clinical data could be integrated and analyzed to develop a novel approach for risk stratification, diagnoses, and therapeutic development. Collectively, his work could improve clinical outcomes for various disease modalities and reduce the overall cost of care and optimize healthcare delivery.

Errol Koolmeister, Head of AI Foundation at H&M

With 10+ years of experience from a wide variety of industries, Errol has reached an expert level in working with and extracting value from data. As head of the AI Foundation for H&M, Errol is currently working on overseeing the AI ​​projects running at the H&M group. At IT Arena 2021, Errol will share his journey & lessons from building a world-class AI function that creates scalable software for the entire H&M group. H&M has invested heavily in AI the last few years and has gone from shattered decentralized projects into a significant central effort focusing on amplifying all core operational decisions with AI. This effort requires the company to re-architect many of the core systems to support horizontal scaling. His talk will focus on some of the key insights from this successful endeavor. From limited and scrappy efforts to a centralized department don’t miss the talk if Errol’s experience sounds interesting to you.

Carolyn Duby, Lead Cyber Security SME and Principal Solutions Engineer at Cloudera

Carolyn Duby is Principal Solutions Engineer and Lead Cybersecurity SME at Cloudera, where she helps customers worldwide turn their log event haystack into analytic gold. Previously, she was the architect for cybersecurity event correlation at Secureworks. A subject-matter expert in cybersecurity and data science, Carolyn hosts the Future of Data Meetup and enables other developers by speaking at conferences such as Strata Data Conference, Dataworks Summit, Open Data Science Conference, and Day of Shecurity. There are fundamental challenges in how enterprises secure SOC data: many might wonder how companies like Cloudera grant access to the right people and deny it to the wrong people? Carolyn Duby will talk about how to address data governance, privacy, and security concerns, and much more. 

Dave Karow, Continuous Delivery Evangelist at Split

Dave has three decades of experience in developer tools, developer communities, and evangelizing sustainable software delivery practices. He has held programming, product management, and product marketing roles at Sun Microsystems, Gupta Technologies, Remedy Software, Marimba, Keynote Systems (Dynatrace), SOASTA, and BlazeMeter. Dave’s current passion is demystifying progressive delivery, especially the ways it enables better outcomes by removing constraints and building-in feedback loops. Progressive delivery may sound new as a term, but the underlying practices of advanced experimentation (where features are gradually rolled out to users and statistical engines are used to detect impact during the rollout instead of after) are not. At IT Arena 2021, Dave will talk about what would happen if we apply the approach of building pipelines to expose new features to users and measure the impact.  

Christof Leng, SRE Engagements Engineering Lead, SRE Manager II at Google

Christof Leng is the engineering lead of Google’s SRE Engagements group. The teams in this area manage the programs, best practices, and tools for successful SRE/developer engagements. In his six years at Google, Christof has managed and worked on various parts of Google’s production infrastructure, including Cloud, Ads, and internal developer tooling. Now he is ready to share ten things to learn from running production infrastructure at Google. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from TU Darmstadt, where he researched distributed systems. Christof has been a postdoc at the International Computer Science Institute and the University of California Berkeley. Don’t miss a chance to hear little Google’s secrets at IT Arena 2021.