How to design services and think as the customers do: these issues matter for the companies since they influence their performance and competitiveness. Lviv IT Arena 2016 gives a unique opportunity to update these skills to be more successful and think ahead of the rivals. “Product Stream is all about the chemistry behind building great products. Our goal is to explore best practices of product development in some of the most innovative products out there,” says Markiyan Matsekh, the head of the stream. [1] 9 1920 The stream will answer some of the main questions on how different professionals cooperate and share responsibilities, and the differences between business analysis and product management. “This stream is targeted for cross-functional product teams, so it will be interesting to UX Designers, Business Analysts, Product Managers, Project Managers, Senior Engineers, entrepreneurs and anyone passionate about building great products,” adds Markiyan. Most presentations will follow a case study format letting the speakers share their personal experience building specific product either as designers, engineers or PdM. [1] 7 1920 “The participants will leave the event with an understanding of how world-class products are being built in 2016,” concludes Markiyan. They will also learn the challenges among the best products and the necessary skills to succeed in the industry. The stream will cover the most anticipated trends in product development and update the participants with the newest info on the current tendencies.